About Our Founders

Founder – Elizabeth Funderbirk


Elizabeth is a full time Mother, Wife (soon to be), Client Rep for a Toy distributor, Blogger and NOW Author!
Although her plate is already full to the point of running over, she wouldn’t have it any other way. her goal is to prove to her children that if you  Believe it, Pursue it, WORK hard at it, you WILL Accomplish it!
You can keep track of Elizabeth’s Literary journey in her literary blog  “Trials, Tribulations, and Torn”. Updates are made 3 times a month. A couple of her feature Articles that have ranked 1-4 in the Google search engine… regarding Editing & Publishing are “Publishing a body of work” & “What happens after you finish writing your manuscript”

It was very important to Elizabeth to start this project and to be involved in raising awareness for Domestic Violence. she witnessed first hand the effects that domestic violence can have on a family. Although, at that time in her life she was  not in the position to help, she is now able to give voice to her feelings as well as help others. Elizabeth wants more than anything for this project to exceed what she and her partner could possibly envision for it. Together with her partner in S.L.T.L. she hopes this is an effort that will continue to grow for years to come.

Elizabeth’s debut novel “Love TORN Asunder” is available for purchase. Through on-line book retail stores, other store locations by request, Amazon, Emerald Star Press website and her personal website “Literary Liz Writes” .

She is currently working on her next novel which will be released the fall of 2011. She is currently scheduling book signing & Book club dates for after the release of her 2nd novel. If you are interested in scheduling Elizabeth for your store or book-club, please contact her through email literaryliz@gmail.com .

Elizabeth is also the creator of a website design company “Eyedesign4u”, where she creates website via templates for an affordable price.
To contact Elizabeth visit:

Co-Founder Kiexiza Rodriquez


Kiexiza Rodriquez, (pronounced Ki-eek-sa, or you can just call her Kie, like Sky), is the eldest of ten children, mother of four children, who resides in Virginia with her fiance and two youngest children.

Kie realized early on the importance of a pen and a blank piece of paper. She was able to express how she was feeling when life was too hard to endure. The older she grew, the more her love for the creative arts became. She honed her skills in the culinary arts, and creative writing, finding joy in being able to express herself through these avenues. Though, by the time she left high-school she didn’t have her High School diploma and had given birth to a son shortly thereafter, she never allowed her circumstances to take away her joy.

As survivor of abuse in many forms as a child, witnessing domestic violence between her parents, step parents and then being a victim as an adult, Kie has endured things that at times she never thought she’d get though. Yet, somehow she found the strength to pick her head up and move forward, planting a smile on her face. No matter how many times she fell, she’d brush herself off and try again.

Professionally, she found a way to incorporate her love for the creative arts and has spent over ten years in the entertainment industry working for different companies such as; Reflections Emporium, Woo Bear Promotions, and GumboLive, to name a few, assisting with things such as, marketing & promotions, A&R, venue planning, street team promotions, and administrative work in the New England area.

In 2008 an impromptu meeting with an old friend thrust her deep into the music industry as she began running promotions at Diamond Productions. She was able to expand their client base to include not only managing musicians and vocalist, but also promoting poets, authors, and entrepreneurs. At that Point DiamondStar Entertainment was born. Kie is still the head of Promotions & Advertising at DSE today.

After many years of being told she had a story to share, she finally decided to share her personal story of survival with the world. Kiexiza’s goal is to create more than just a fictional story. Her novels aspire to entertain and provide life lessons mixed into the drama, humor, mystery and romance of her characters journey. She is currently in the process of publishing her 5 part book series entitled the “BEAUTIFUL Series.” The debut novel Beautiful was released August 2011. Its first sequel, “Beautiful Seduction” is planned for a December 2011 release. She also plans to release a book of poetry with her fiance, a cookbook with a friend, an anthology with Naughty Ink Press, a novel of short confessions from people of all walks of life, a book on how to get past the hurt and have a successful relationship, and a book of short stories dealing with parent & child relationships, in the next 2 years.

Currently, she is half of the team of the dynamic blog-talk radio team the “Tony n Kie Show”. She contributes bi-weekly to Writers-Vibe, Mashawn.com and is also a book reviewer for So Fyh Magazine, Editing Couture and a contributing reviewer for Dream4More. She has been interviewed by, submitted stories or articles for publication to TheCEOMama, Soulful Nights, Christian Women Lifestyles Xpress, On The Rise Magazine, Sormag, and others.

For more on Kie visit her website
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