Get ready to be moved to tears, and touched in a way no erotic book can move you. This is more than a street lit, urban, romance, or thriller. It is more than a Christian, chick lit or contemporary book. It crosses all racial lines, gender biases, and sexual orientations. It doesn’t care if you 15 years old, or 65 years old.

Saving Lives Through Lit’s first anthology “Voices Behind the Tears” will give you a true, deep and uncensored look into what happens when the doors close on the facade and the real lives of many families begin.

Experience the world through the eyes, hearts and souls of all involved. You will read stories and poems in the voice of the abuser, the abused, the children and those close to them. It is our hope that through these stories, those of you that feel the victims aren’t victim’s, but people who like it “rough”, or just won’t ask for help, will get to see things from a different perspective. We hope people will understand that not only does the abuse hurt the victim outwardly but emotional scars last a lot longer than the physical ones do. It is our hope that you will realize there are more than adult victims and that there are children affected also. These children, unlike their adult counterparts, are innocent victims who can’t speak for themselves. They often live in fear and are forced to keep the family secret. There is also another side to this and that is that often children are tricked into believing “if only mommy or daddy would just do better, or do what is asked of them, they wouldn’t get hit.” We as adults, at times, also take on this mindset, thereby furthering the guilt the victim feels. Why ask for help, when “if i only had dinner hot when he came home…”

For those of you that know all too well the impact Domestic Violence can have on a person and a family, we hope you will spread the word and help us to help others. By purchasing this book and asking your friends, co-workers, church members and neighbors to do the same, you will be giving back in a big way to those desperately in need.

We will be donating portions from the books sales to several agencies across America, to help them help other women, men and children caught up in this massive situation.

Check out the “Our Heart” Page to see what agency we are working with currently. If you would like to suggest an agency to us, please use the contact page or email us at

To Reserve your copy of this novel, for $10 + $3 S&H,Click HERE or visit the Web Store Page


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